The Smeds and the Smoos03-12-2021 | 15:57:50 | No Comments

This week, we have read the story The Smeds and the Smoos and have been focusing on mixing colours. The children have enjoyed exploring different colours and seeing what happens when two colours are mixed together. It was interesting to see when the Smed who is red and the Smoo who is blue had a baby who was purple. We decided that it’s name should be Smurple.

Obstacle course23-11-2021 | 16:41:48 | No Comments

Reception class have had lots of fun in P.E completing an obstacle course. They have been practising their travelling skills including hopping, jumping, dodging and balancing.

Our busy week in Reception19-11-2021 | 16:46:20 | Comments Off on Our busy week in Reception

What a busy week we have had in Reception!

We have been reading ‘Freddie and the Fairy’. This is a story about ‘Bessie-Belle who can’t hear very well’. We have had lots of discussions about our senses and how we are all different and the importance of being kind. This linked in very well with the theme of anti-bullying week, ‘one kind word’. During Odd Sock Day, we made posters of the kind words that we use in Reception and talked about what are kind things to say. We have mixed some fairy wishes in the water, created our very own fairies and wands and have learnt some sign language.

Celebrating Diwali in RMC12-11-2021 | 15:51:15 | Comments Off on Celebrating Diwali in RMC

What a fantastic day we had celebrating Diwali in RMC. 🕯 🪔

The children heard the story of Rama and Sita and how Hindus celebrate the ‘festival of light’. We looked at the new clothes that they wear and the children got creative and made their own! We explored colour and rangoli patterns outside using natural resources we found around our garden. We looked through lots of books about Diwali and had a wonderful day. 🎉

Remembrance Day in RMC12-11-2021 | 15:24:49 | Comments Off on Remembrance Day in RMC

Lest we forget.

In RMC we spent the day exploring lots of different activities linked to Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. The children had a good discussion about how their lives are very different from the past and shared stories that their parents had shared with them. The children focused on the word ‘Respect’ and linked this to wearing a poppy to show respect to the fallen soldiers.

During our two minute silence, the children watched a BBC Children’s remembrance film. A beautiful and evocative animation that sees war as experienced by animals in a WWI battlefield.

Remembrance Day in RLD11-11-2021 | 11:24:38 | Comments Off on Remembrance Day in RLD

Today, we have spoken about remembering the soldiers who risked their lives in the war and also about thinking of those who still risk their lives today.

Fireworks in RLD05-11-2021 | 17:06:20 | Comments Off on Fireworks in RLD

We have had so much fun making our own fireworks. The children loved it. 

Diwali in RLD04-11-2021 | 13:53:27 | Comments Off on Diwali in RLD

What a fantastic day we have had celebrating Diwali. The children heard the story of Rama and Sita and how Hindus celebrate the ‘festival of light’ by lighting up their houses with diva lamps and colourful rangoli patterns.

Spider Sandwiches in RLD04-11-2021 | 09:59:36 | Comments Off on Spider Sandwiches in RLD

We have read the story Spider Sandwiches and have spoken about healthy and unhealthy food. The children knew that Max had an unhealthy diet, but it was ok because he was a monster and they are different to us. We have discussed that different things are special. The children came up with meals that they thought Max would like such as worm soup and butterfly burgers. We have had lots of fun completing activities based upon the story.

Autumn in RLD22-10-2021 | 12:14:01 | Comments Off on Autumn in RLD

The children have been busy in their last week before half term. They have been completing lots of autumn activities, working together as a team and trying their best in phonics.

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